I investigate place and memory through landscape painting. I am interested in the physical properties of a location and how they interface with the memories and feelings I have when I am there. It is a method of discovering, questioning, and capturing a moment in time. By collecting and analyzing nature - dissecting it by color, form and line and then reassembling it – I find meaning. Emotional impressions of a particular location affect my use of these visual components and define my work. I am in pursuit of what is physically present, woven with memory, dreams and how the energy of a place is conveyed.

My current work captures the essence of specific places. They are fragments of a journey. Like dreams, they are extremely vivid but still a bit indistinct. They are visibly of nature but the mark-making can be read in a series of ways. The horizon is unclear. The forms weave in and out of the picture plane. To make them engaging the familiar must become unfamiliar.  Density and layering are important indicators of time and what can be hidden and revealed. How the images find their natural edge and how memories form present a nice duality. As the images shift, flatten and open up again, representation recedes and something else takes over. Overlapping encounters, like the actual perception of being in a place, visually convey another dimension of meaning. This is the essence, or quintessence, of the landscape - and a true sense of place.